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Family History

Have you often heard stories about your ancestors emigrating from Hungary to the US and have wondered how could their life be in Hungary? Have you ever wondered which part of Hungary your ancestors were coming from and what their story is? We all find ourselves thinking about these questions one day in our lives, and we desire to find out more information about the generations preceded by us. You may desire to find out more information about these ancestors but you don't know where to search or don't speak the language. If you have Hungarian ancestors and you want to hire an experienced Hungarian specialist to do the research instead of you, then you are at the right place!

Are you curious what type of information can the research provide and how far can we go back in time? Read more about it here!

Family History



My goal is to help all those having Hungarian ancestors, who would like to find more information about their roots coming from Hungary.

Learning about our ancestors's history is also an excellent way to expand our self-knowledge, as we learn more about where we came from, what kind of life our ancestors lived, and what challenges they had to go through. Knowing all this can be a resource for overcoming the difficulties experienced in our own lives. We are living proof that our ancestors did something right, which made it possible for us to be born!


Researching ancestors

You want to learn about your Hungarian ancestors, but don't understand the language, don't have time to research or don't know how to do it? You wish to have an experienced Hungarian do the work for you?

Check out the available packages and choose the most suitable for You!

Image colorization

You found many black and white picture of your ancestors at home and would love to see these pictures in a colorized version? Entrust me with the colorization of your family pictures!

Check out the available packages and choose the most suitable for You!


Do you have some questions about family history? Did you run into some problems, that you need advice on how to solve?

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About me

My name is Zsófia (Sophie) Šindýlková, and I started my own genealogy more than 5 years ago. In no time, my initial curiosity turned into a true passion. Through persistent research, I have managed to track my ancestors back to more than 10 generations. I found information about my ancestors - mainly their birth, marriage and death data - not only about my lineal ancestors but also about my collateral ancestors. Apart from basic information I also found exciting facts about them - occupation, deportation, place of living, war experiences. I had the opportunity to form new family relationships and strengthen existing ones through frequent contact.

Are you interested in what experiences I gained while researching my ancestors? Why do I consider this work so important? Read more about it here!

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